Nuclear Weapons & Disasters

It is not a secret that nuclear weapon will cause massive disaster. Unfortunately we much closer to India and Pakistan, both have more than 100 nuclear war heads. Apart from direct effect of weapon, even a regional nuclear war can cause world wide climate change. According to American scientist magazine, Scientist have studied possible climate change can occur if India and Pakistan use nuclear weapons. Smoke and dust exhale into the atmosphere will reach the upper layers slowly and spread

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Coral Bleaching

Corals in sea get most of their energy from microscopic algae that live in their tissue. These algae are colourful and are give colour to corals. Both are living closely called symbiosis. When sea temperature goes up due global warming or due to El-nino effect, the symbiosis between the coral and the algae breaks down and corals effectively expel the algae and turn white. The coral is then deprived of its source of energy, and dies. This called Coral bleaching.

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Coastal Green Belt in Batticaloa: Is Casuarina A Success?

Coastal vegetations act as a barrier from soil erosion, salt spray, wind and provide protection from natural catastrophes as tsunami. Artificial coastal barriers are established for similar functions. This had tremendously increased following 2004 tsunami. Some plant species have been preferred for establishment of artificial coastal green belt. In Batticaloa, Casuarina has been a popular species for the green belt (more than 95%). The overall extent of Casuarina plantation is about 400ha. About 100ha had been planted by Forest Department

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