Coral Bleaching


Corals in sea get most of their energy from microscopic algae that live in their tissue. These algae are colourful and are give colour to corals. Both are living closely called symbiosis. When sea temperature goes up due global warming or due to El-nino effect, the symbiosis between the coral and the algae breaks down and corals effectively expel the algae and turn white. The coral is then deprived of its source of energy, and dies. This called Coral bleaching. As we living in an island and depend on coral lives for income and food the loss of reefs is not a simple issue. According to reports, there have been seven major bleaching events globally in the past 30 years, the most recent being in 2010 across the Indian Ocean and Coral Triangle. With the worsening of climate change Coral bleaching became more frequent event when compare to past.

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