Nuclear Weapons & Disasters

It is not a secret that nuclear weapon will cause massive disaster. Unfortunately we much closer to India and Pakistan, both have more than 100 nuclear war heads. Apart from direct effect of weapon, even a regional nuclear war can cause world wide climate change. According to American scientist magazine, Scientist have studied possible climate change can occur if India and Pakistan use nuclear weapons.

Smoke and dust exhale into the atmosphere will reach the upper layers slowly and spread across the globe.


Sunlight was immediately reduced, cooling the planet to temperatures lower than any expe­rienced for the past 1,000 years. Rain, river flow and soil moisture all decreased because blocking sun.

In addition to the cooling, drying and dark­ness, extensive ozone depletion would result as the smoke heated the stratosphere(upper layer of the atmosphere). Ultra­violet radiation on the ground would increase significantly because of the diminished ozone.

Less sunlight and precipitation, cold spells, shorter growing seasons and more ultraviolet ra­diation would all reduce or eliminate agricultur­al production. Notably, cooling and ozone loss would be most profound in middle and high lat­itudes in both hemispheres, whereas precipita­tion declines would be greatest in the tropics. Up to 40% decrease.

Is it a reality, yes unless nuclear weapons completely eliminated from this world.Not only India and Pakistan, other countries besides the U.S. and Russia (which have thousands) are well endowed: China, France and the U.K. have hundreds of nuclear warheads; Israel has more than 80, North Korea has about 10 and Iran may well be trying to make its own.

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