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About Science Navigators Organization

Science is the key to the future. Knowing things thoroughly is also called science. It could be anything including ourselves, our environment. Knowledge on common science and scientific thinking are grossly lacking among ourselves. Which created a wide gap between developed world and ourselves in innovation and inventions.

It is our duty to guide our children to narrow this gap on science. Science navigators founded to full fill this need.

Science Navigators is a non profit organization formed in 2010 by group of people interested in improving knowledge and practice of Science among our community.

Our vision

Humanity via Science

Our Objectives

  1. To improve the knowledge and practice of science through formal and informal structure among all categories.
  2. To encourage scientific innovation and invention.
  3. To develop a museum of history, natural history and science.
  4. To promote knowledge, attitude and practice of environment friendly renewable energy sources.
  5. To scientifically contribute for the conservation of environment.
  6. To carry out research and development in the above and related areas.

About This Website

This Website is a prime science & technology news sharing hub. The articles are edited and published by the editorial board. You can also make contribution to the site by sending us your articles and papers, we will review them and publish them.

Please check the contribute page for more information on how to contribute to us.

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