Fishy Eastern Cost of Sri Lanka

We are evidencing plenty of fish in eastern coast in these days. It is appears to be a small variation in the normal phenomenon. To explain this we need to have some knowledge on ocean living.


Herrings(Soodai) are the small fish in the ocean, which is rich in healthy oil. They move in schools. Young ones feed in phytoplankton. This been called as Biomass of the ocean. Lot of predators of the sea are attracted to this tasty food, Include all type of tuna (including skipjack tuna, plenty these days), shark even whale and also human.

Why are they coming to our site. As we all know that for last two years we experiencing La Nina effect. Which means higher ocean surface temperature in the west part of pacific ocean, including our region. Now there is a weak El-nino effect developed in the pacific ocean. Due to this effect cooled, nutrition rich deep ocean water started to come to the surface as warm water moving to the east or central part of the pacific. This could be augmented by seasonal water current in the ocean. Phytoplankton star to flourish in this region attracts herrings to this region and its predators to follow.

This probably the reason we do see lot of fish in the east coast.

Image: Battinews

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